Yellowstone’ creator Taylor Sheridan is ‘disappointed’ with Kevin Costner’s exit from the show

Yellowstone : “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan is addressing Kevin Costner’s sudden exit from the lead series.

“I’m disappointed,” Sheridan told The Hollywood Reporter. “It shortens the finale of his character. It doesn’t change him, but it shortens him.”

As patriarch John Dutton, Costner has been at the center of the series from the beginning, earning him a Golden Globe for the role. However, he has expressed interest in leaving the show before the end of its upcoming second half of the fifth season.

Sheridan suggested that the actor’s departure was to focus on his four-part Western film series, “Horizon”, and not over creative differences, as had been rumored.


Sheridan said, “There has been no change in my opinion of Kevin as an actor.” “His creation of John Dutton is symbolic and powerful… and I never had a problem with Kevin that he and I couldn’t work on the phone.”

He further added, “But once lawyers get involved, people don’t get a chance to talk to each other and they start saying things that are not true and based on the reaction of the press or the public. But let’s try to shift the blame. He took a step. A lot of it is on the chin and I don’t know that anybody deserves that.”

Sheridan said he wished Costner nothing but luck.

He said, “It seems like his film is a big priority for him and he wants to focus his attention on it.” “I sincerely hope that [the film] is worth it – and it’s good.”

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